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Perfectly in tune with nature, and perfectly in tune with you. Introducing the first ever all electric Lexus RZ. #Electrified #LexusRZ … .

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  1. Looking forward to upgrading my 2015 RX450h hybrid battery to Lexus new solid state battery taking up the same space and with the software update to optimize the new battery massive performance upgrade, may improve fuel economy as much as 50%.

    Living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains this performance upgrade is a game changer in our high altitudes.

  2. Every Toyota that's not a truck needs a 4 cylinder option like on the Avalon, ES, and highlander. If modern 4 cylinder car engines with catalytic converters were ever a legitimate problem for the earth, than we never needed a solution, and we would be proof that nature designed itself to inevitably destroy itself. It's like saying that a person washing themselves in a body of water pollutes all the oceans permanently. In the world of reality we know that makes no sense. The problem is over anxious over spenders who conveniently decided 200hp isn't fast enough anymore. 10 years from now nobody in the used market will want anything to do with the insane cost of literally everything except the holy grail of a motor who's operation is defined by the user, not the manufacturer. Maybe if ice cars had been supported a little longer and EVs had been developed a little earlier the government wouldn't be deliberately pricing humans out of the equation. 'Let's start building the electric grid of the future…. Oh but first let's shut down all current infrastructure before anything else is ready, people love the privilege of sacrificing more time and money to be denied the basic agency of conduct that they don't believe they deserve….. Now get back to work and stop enjoying life and spending money, you are not allowed any opportunity to be responsible or happy, just be used as long as you are conforming enough not to be discarded for being more responsible than your superiors, most of which will eventually die of shame.

  3. I love Lexus. I have a IS500 and a CT200h. But this RZ is just awful. Another frumpy crossover design is awful. 225 mile range is awful. The new infotainment touch screen is actually difficult to use and thus, awful.

    Toyota still doesn’t believe very strongly in BEVs. Toyota’s Gill Pratt, the head of its Research Institute, says not everyone should drive a BEV. He says other solutions should be used to reduce emissions. So here’s our Autoline insight. Toyota calculated wrong. It put almost all its chips on hybrids. And it’s investing heavily in fuel cells, too. It believes we need a variety of solutions, not just BEVs, and that governments should not be picking technologies. Conceptually, Toyota is right. But here’s the flaw in Toyota’s logic. Countries all over the world are banning the internal combustion engine. Whether this is the right thing to do doesn’t matter at this point. They’re banning them. And if a car company is not ready to deal with that reality….. well, like the old saying goes, you can’t fight city hall. Autoline

  5. It's a very nice Lexus electric car. I'm a big fan of electric vehicles and futuristic smart technology. Those stuff will be alot of fun. Today's kids and teens will want electric cars and futuristic technology. That's like they want computers, tablets, video games, and smartphones for both fun and school. Everything futuristic technology and EVs will be like in science fiction movies like Blade Runner, Robocop, Terminator, Total Recall, CyberPunk, Demolition Man. I grew up with those science fiction movies.

  6. for fucks sake why are other car manufaturers copying the stupid yoke from tesla, so dangerous and so unecessary


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