The Mercedes-Benz 500E Is the Original Porsche Sedan


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  1. The car is not a Porsche sedan. The car was only built by Porsche. Parts were bolted from one car to another. Porsche didn't use any of their own parts and had no hand in tuning the car, apart from helping fit the engine in the car and making it functional as well as building it using only Mercedes parts. The only Porsche part is the battery cover with a sticker on it that says the suppliers were Porsche. However, the Audi RS2 is a Porsche Audi collaboration and it was said to be so. Both companies had a hand in tuning the car.

  2. I’ve had this car. And like Doug, got the E55 and E63 next. And while those cars are undoubtedly better, Doug kinda sells the 500 a bit short. I thought it was a killer ride. I wasn’t looking for a sports car when I bought it. And I didn’t buy it as a sports car. But man, it sure was a beast in the 90’s. I thought it was comfortable and handled decently. But that motor…

  3. It's cool how many interior features of this car remained in time for when Mercedes made my E-class in 2000

  4. The 500e that you are review is a sport line seats which is based on the regular seats in the regular 300e. There is also Recaro seats option available which is like racing seats

  5. That V8 was shoehorned in there. Then again, the Ford Mustang Boss 429 had the engine shoehorned in the engine bay in 1969!

  6. Please send me the link what was used n the tyre sidewalls. Its mesmerizingly pretty. Not shining like a crap, but not too matt. The perfect gloss level.

  7. Porsche were paid to build them but had nothing to do with the car design or engineering. They aren't a Porsche.

  8. and not even going to watch the video, because its not a porche in any way shape form or fashion. The 500E may of been assembled in the porche plant, but its 100 percent Mercedes Benz other than the battery cover in the drunk. and even that wasn't made by porsche

  9. Odd that he missed the coolest things about these cars: the Porsche stamped body panel under the trunk carpeting.

  10. I´m sorry Doug.Mercedes as a premium car did not have lining in the tailgate in the 90-ties as if you proposed as a luxury mark today.

  11. Whats funny is the smaller V8 version, the E400 was also built in the 959 assembly line with the E500. But apparently nobody cares about that one.


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