The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Is the Forgotten Mercedes Supercar


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  1. “It’s just a Mercedes.” – Doug DeMuro about the brand which made the first car ever, driven by the first driver, Bertha Benz.

  2. A big thing Doug missed on this are the build numbers. Mercedes has not really released official numbers but North Am numbers are circa 2800 for hard and soft top. Break down is less than 900 Roadsters(1 in 3). RHD is way less. I have a RHD roadster and I estimate between 220-300 globally. There are only 60 odd in the UK(1 in 5). Why is this a big thing? These are seriously collectible cars. I brought mine(in NZ) 2 years ago, it is up 50% since then. It is not about money though. These cars are cool, very different and tick a lot of boxes. They will keep rising and because the Roadster is so rare it may outperform the hard top despite the doors.

  3. The car has one flaw
    – it doesn't have ventilated seats, it's a shame,
    for example, the SL500 has had it since 2001

  4. Design not distinctive to other supercars? If you see one in nature, you will turn your head like an owl. Without feeling bad like looking behind a drug dealer. This one is a class on its own.

  5. "Cars won't sound like this going forward." It won't be long before we eliminate the joy in everything, and everyone will complain about depression and anxiety. Actually, that's already happening.

  6. An old man i know had one of these cars, he sold it for 20k before it got rare thinking it had no value. And well yeah….

  7. 8:25 They also gave these same parking sensors to Chrysler when they were still together, my 06 Chrysler 300C has them as well, although, only in back, but it's the exact same module and system.

  8. I don't know who could look at an SLS and say it doesn't look like a supercar or special enough. Its gorgeous.

  9. Did you heard something about black edition?) What refers to the glove compartment handle

  10. No Doug. The black button for the glove coompartment isn't weird. All levers/buttons on the tan areas are black or contrastic colors in the car 😛

  11. I can't believe Mercedes discontinued this wonderful motor and announced that the new C63 "AMG" will only come with a soyboy 4-cylinder shitbox.

  12. Idk about this coupe situation. This one looks better in my opinion, a little cheaper, i don't give a f about the doors, the rear windows looks weird on the coupe. If i had to buy one, it would be this one for sure

  13. If they are going to accommodate smokers to the point that they have an area where you hold your lit smoke why not have a gentle smoke suction feature to expell the smoke? Black glovebox latch so it stays clean looking and so old people can find it. What ever happened to M.B. being the conservative company? The one that didn't cater to the bling and flash styling fads that become dated. Huh Doug?


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