The Mercury Marauder Was the Muscle Car Sedan of the Early 2000s


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  1. i love the panther cars! they should've offered them as a wagon, that would be sick! I think if they didn't use the generic Ford steeringwheel, that the car would've been more appealing to younger folks. man does the wheel give it the grampa look..

  2. the single cam can make enough horse with upgrades that who cares if it is slow in the lower gears. i want the 10 speed auto swap so bad. with the suspension parts you can track them easy these cars can go

  3. The Impala SS driving experience was the opposite, the Chevy LT1 engine had huge torque at low RPM, that's why the cops loved the equivalent Caprice 9C1, they could catch up with any other car in a second. On the other hand the Marauder cornered much better, and the car was a much better design functionally. In the Impala the full size spare tire was just bolted down in the middle of the trunk, essentially taking up all the space. I don't know how the cops dealt with that in the police Caprice, but if I had to put in a suitcase, first I had to take out the spare tire.

  4. Doug complains about the spare tire overhanging the ledge a bit in the trunk at 14:24 and then talks about how old body-on-frame cars poorly placed these and modern auto makers don’t do this anymore because they are now more “thoughtful”. He doesn’t note that’s a full-size spare tire, which you can’t fit in or even get in most modern sedans. Instead, today, you get a compact “donut” tire or, even worse, no spare at all with the spare replaced by a can of Fix-A-Flat or the like. So thoughtful, but I’d much rather have the full spare tire like most cars used to have if it means a three-inch overhang in an already enormous trunk.

  5. I always wanted one of these after I figured out I couldn't afford a 03 04 cobra. It was my next choice behind the Mach mustang with the functioning shaker hood intake

  6. Doug, find and do a 2nd gen SHO. That taurus changed the sedan, but the SHO was cool. (Theres a famous previous redhead late-night talk show host that may still have one.) The sun visors will blow your mind!!

  7. Pretty sure that same HVAC system including the steering wheel controls is also on the 99 eddie bauer ford explorer

  8. He should have reviewed the marauder VT which puts out 550 horsepower to the wheels. 0 to 60 in the mid 4's, and the quarter mile in the high 11s.

  9. I have the 03 Crown VIc PI — the full spare in the trunk doesn't stick out like on the Marauder- found that surprising. Good video !! Subbed.


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