The Mill’s BLACKBIRD – A Vehicle That Converts Into Any Vehicle | Advanced Equipment

Special equipment manufacturer The Mill has come up with an impressive technology, we just had to give it away. Meet the ‘Blackbird’ ….

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  1. for car ads and such, wouldn't all this tech be more expensive than simply making the car and filming a real car?

  2. Bmw driver and Prius drivers are the worst drivers on the road for the same opposite reasons. They both only care about themselves and none else. The Prius does it by going very slow and avoiding all danger. The BMW does it by cutting you off, riding your bumper and not allowing you to pass.

  3. I would love to see someone use this to put a tractor or cement truck in a car commercial and stunt driving it through a course

  4. what a LAME video!! When I saw the title I thought someone invented a car that could convert between lamborghini and a range rover! Not literally convert, like in Transformers or whatever, but that would have adjustable body work, suspensions, a really sophisticated transmission etc to go from maximum road+speed to maximum off road. In reality, not CGI. Instead… a mocap for cars…. wooooooow…. The first Transformers movie was made in 2007, it's 2020, it's rather embarassing they even need that thing to CGI cars properly.

  5. Original top gear: turn any boring topic to an interesting one.

    New top gear: turn any interesting topic to a boring one.


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