The new 911 GT3 – the best Porsche here?

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  1. the back is pretty nice as a mercedes fan i admit good work that porscge did i think porsche is the second best car brand

  2. ต้องทําภายในรถใหม่คือไม่มีห้องแอร์ให้รถอยู่

  3. ive seen the turbo s run mid 9s at a drag strip its crazy back int eh 80s a 11 sec car was considered nuts for the street

  4. maybe bow those 991 with the pdk that no one wanted will drop in value so us poors can dream and maybe acquire one.

  5. I love the new GT3 design is it all wheel drive or is it rear wheel drive if it's all wheel drive I don't think nothing on the track can stop that good job Germany

  6. I've seen this car only on a video game, but it doesn't harm the peace of my mind thanks to the latest technology. It's such a shame…

  7. You need to understand the old way was gt3 racing series didn't have turbo in that series of racing why its a non turbo still.


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