The NEW Futuristic VW Mini Bus | ID BUZZ

The new VW Mini Bus is here, it’s fully electric and called ID Buzz! You can follow me on: … .

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  1. I have used exsperianced driving micro w.v. van I liked it and I enjoyed the driving ,now I will go for it's new version..

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  3. pensare che una volta potevano permetterseli anche i figli dei fiori. oggi costano come lo stipendio annuale di una persona del ceto medio alto.

  4. Wow, $60,000 from cool original concept to a vehicle that looks like an 80's Toyota/Chrysler minivan. No thanks

  5. Enjoyed your channel more when it was just you Blondie…. Before you tried turning your helpers into celebrities…

  6. They need to bring back the Beetle ID. I love the microbus revival but we need to see more from VW.

  7. 03:17 – can anyone confirm this? I have not found any information on VW stating that there will be a bed accessory available for this model…

  8. I read about the ID BUZZ in the motto trend magazine and it said American market will see it in 2026

    But tbf it would be co after you take the center console out you could rotate either both seats or just the front right passenger seat


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