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This is McLaren GT, a cruise liner to Aston Martin DB11, Ferrari Portofino, Porsche 911 Turbo S, ….

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  1. Saw one at the market yesterday …. way sexier in person if you can call a squished frog sexy. Those side scoops are ugly …headlights / nose design = utterly generic

  2. The worst packag layout of all McLaren ever, and if i'm spending 250K for a nutty supercar, I expect to be able to show off the engine to my Jonses snobby neighbor.

  3. Why does every video about this car says different specs?
    Like this video says it has 618 hp but some other say 620/610 …

  4. McLaren is getting in trouble. Still my favorite company but first they come out with the new longtail with the god awful mismatched wheels exaggerated stretched proportions and now this thing. This is a mistake for the company. They are growing too fast in the wrong ways. If they stick with their legends then they will do good they are spreading out too thin and may end up crashing as a company because of these things.

  5. Next up.Mclaren van, McLaren SUV, McLaren bus, McLaren scooter,McLaren 3 wheeler,Mclaren pick up etc etc

  6. Your all fake top gear and jeremy , Hammond and May were the real deal………………..Biiiittttcccchhhheeeessssss

  7. Idk this car has kinda grown on me, I didn't like it at all at first but now? Idk I'd Deff except it as a gift.

  8. “They now have 12 distinct models blah blah”. That’s the problem with McLaren. Back in the Gordon Murray days they made one car. And it was an absolute legend for over a decade. Now McLaren makes a new model every 3 weeks.

  9. ok …. last line was the first written ?

    And second ….. can i have a MX5 RF instead ?………. Call me unaspiring but i just think it will be one, far more realistic and two, it will give me a few more smiles per gallon , maybe not the instant celebrity effect though, i can live with that 😉

  10. Do you have any tips for getting into filming car videos? I'm a TV Graduate and working in a kitroom, training to be a camera op. It's always been my dream to film cars, but I have no idea how the industry works or how I could get started in it. Any advice would be hugely helpful!

  11. I just agree with the designer of P1 and 720s after that all designers of mclaren are sucks.. try to hire from Aston Martin

  12. Just as I've always suspected! Richard Hammond is a puppet, and now we've seen his voice actor!! Now we know how he's survived all those crashes!


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