The New Volkswagen ID Buzz Is the Return of the VW Bus!

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! Volkswagen ID. Buzz review! The Volkswagen ID Buzz is here, and I’m going … .

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  1. Had a yellow and green Bus in the 70s. My 3 Kids loved it better than our 3 cars, particularly for yearly camping. Should have kept it. Also loved the high seating position for great driving visibility! Great mileage when frequent gas war prices in LA were 19¢/gal !! Had a no-frills interior, – no power anything! Had a stick shift drive, took forever to heat up interior from rear air-cooled engine, took forever to climb hills – all the negatives that would be intolerable today! – yet I loved it and still remember it fondly!

  2. It's disappointing we (the US) won't be getting the short wheel base version, it would have been the perfect replacement for my beloved xB.

  3. I almost got to be part of the production team for this but unfortunately they turned down the job

  4. Those days when cars were CARS will never come back. Now we have iPhone and alike. And majority of population supporting that shift.

  5. More delays from VW. Remember when they first announced this, folks? Was it 2017?? If they could actually produce an EV when they say they will that would be a good start.

  6. They should make a cabover version for folks who want three rows but also massive storage space and who don't mind the reduction in front crash safety.

  7. Non removable 2nd row is a deal breaker for me – I'm a working musician with a full size concert harp plus sound equipment-

  8. Dougs voice makes me think he giggles like the Pillsbury dough boy when you play with his nipples…

  9. Meh. This should have been hybrid to be used for the same purpose as the old bus. They could have merged the two models as well then.

  10. The license plates are not correctly attached. The one with the Tüv seal has to go to the back and the other to the front.

  11. I don't know how anyone watches this guy, his presentation style is nauseating & it's worse than it used to be.

  12. Volkswagen has released the starting price of the VW ID. Buzz electric minibus in Europe, and it is much more expensive than originally expected. It starts at £57,115 in the UK, equivalent to $72,000 USD. Electrek quoted. All I can say is wow that’s expensive and we’re supposedly getting a long wheel base version? So expect it to cost even more? No thanks VW. Put a turbo 2.0 in it from the Jetta and sell millions for 40k. No wonder Herbert Diess got ousted. Only the diehard fans will buy an 80k van

  13. Hey man…BREATHE! And your overuse of the term " quirky" is annoying. Just my opinion. Which is worthless. But I doubt I'm the only one.

  14. 23:46 that's the same storage or it's an additional one. Meaning can you access the same thing from top from driver or front passenger position or it's an additional compartment?

  15. Unlike the Beetle, which died due to a market unfit for small cars, the Bus was able to fit amongst the SUVs of the modern car industry. If the Beetle were to return, it may end up being redesigned to be electric and it may be quite bigger than its classic and new counterparts, possibly around the size of Jay Leno's Huge Bug.

  16. The best thing about a vintage Volkswagen is you don't have to buy your parts at the scumbag dealers


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