The only race in the world that requires gender equality!

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  1. Interesting choice to showcase a car with NEOM logos slathered all over it while parading gender equality

  2. Everyone is too woke now…ahit was not like this in the 90's , not everything is got to be so extra these days, we survived before without all this rhetoric we can do it agian

  3. Lol it must suck to have to pass up a better more qualified candidate for the team, all so you can be gender inclusive. If you are a female on one of these racing teams rest assured you didn't get the job because of how good you are, you got it because you matched the gender profile for the position.

  4. There is a big difference between equality and fairness. Fairness is having equal opportunity to compete so that the best are in. But gender equality is forcing females even if they are not the best. This is simply unfair.


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