The Overtaker vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S ft. The Stig | Advanced Equipment: Series 27

It’s time for the first family vacation in Wales for their newly updated ‘Overtaker’. But he is waiting with a competitive family ….

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  1. Nobody going to say anything about the "Overtaker" being overtaken? Are a third of you really here leaving downvotes on videos, and commenting that you don't watch the new (New, new new) Top Gear any more? Watch The Grand Tour, and stop supporting these videos with your feedback, you idiots.

  2. Who are these three clowns……. rather watch ‘Gordon, Gino & Fred’ do Top Gear, reckon they would be much better !!!!

  3. Is this program still going on? I am very suprised that they aren't giving up, even as the audience has given up!

  4. Yes its not like the old top gear,but season 27 is better than the last couple of least these three are having some fun together.matt leblanc his jokes felt like really scripted and he was trying to copy clarkson to much.i enjoyed watching season 27

  5. So… Chris Harris is carrying the whole thing… TG was three friends making magic every time they were on camera. This is just Chris Harris giving his best and 2 other muppets. Oh, and lots of BBC nannying and promoting Great Britain…

    That AMG was not only faster, but cooler, more elegant, more luxurious and better looking than anything that's come out of Britain, since the E-type (beautiful, but unreliable car).
    I mean, who owns Bentley? VW! Who owns Rolls Royce and Mini? BMW! The legendary Land Rover/ Range Rover – Indian! Who's parts bin did Aston Martin raid? – Mercedes!!! Nuff' said!

  6. came here to watch top gear, but i dont have a clue about who those guys are.. very misleading title, this aint top gear

  7. So this test is Flawed. Can clearly see the Merc is in Drift mode so it’s RWD only instead of 4WD. Why not keep it in the mode it comes in from the factory? I mean it’s a car show, did they really think people would not spot it.

  8. The new top gear has gotten better… but still lacks the charm the original bumbling idiots brought to the show


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