" The Race of God " | | Run to San Siro Part 2 | Advanced Equipment

Jeremy emerges from the darkness into “God’s Race Track”, Italy. James and Richard take their time following the train’s speed. .

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  1. To think these three guys get paid millions to do this … travel around the world and drive the very best cars.

  2. Ok. Look. Everyone knows….what? Everyone who knows anything about cars knows that u can't drive that thing at over 90 or certainly flat out at that far a distance. U would blow it up. The cooling system can't handle that. The engine can't handle that. Over 800 miles. Ur kidding.

    This is TV nonsense.

  3. Come on Mustang You have been the hero of many films un the past, it's nos tome ti ve the hero un another one, that Phrase Make My day, it is a Mustang not a Stang

  4. That has to be the greatest one liner in the show "I emerge from the tunnel onto God's race track… Italy"


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