The Rimac Nevera Is A $ 2.5 Million Hypercar Game Changer

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! Rimac Nevera comments! The Rimac Nevera is an amazing car – and it is ….

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  1. Apologies for asking what is probably a frequently asked question, but if you're going to review and test drive supercars that have insane top speeds and incredible handling, shouldn't you be driving them on racetracks where you can test them at their limits?

  2. Only complaint has to be quality, putting it on the same level as the Tesla and we all know how Tesla delivers on quality.

  3. Yup, Rimac is legit. They make parts for many of the big car companies. It’s an amazing story, it’s like koenigsegg. I love that they are small companies started by geniuses that can take on industry titans.

  4. I watched at least 50 of your videos,the only thing I dont like is your pronunciation of some manufactors names,like Porsche,please dont ever speak it again,Rimac,just shut up.I know you are an american,but please,you are popular,find somebody that can correct your pronunciation,thanks

  5. Vents and headlights control on the touch screen is so annoying ! Lights !? common. This is stupid. Good luck using a touch screen while looking off the road. This should be illegal for basic safety. Yourself you said you hated that on other cars but now it should be considered a nice feature ? I loathe touch screen control. Buttons and dials are the only appropriate controls in a car. But is guess staring at stupid dots while moving 200mph is better than looking ahead ?
    Yet, i like the rims a lot.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks Doug was driving a Simulator? No bumps in the roads in Cali! G forces, yeah, looked legit(sarcasm).

  7. "It definitely feels faster than Chiron"… Come to think of it…. There are rich guys who have driven most expensive cars, and there are youtubers, who have driven all expensive cars 😀

  8. Good Lord, put plastic cuffs on this guy, when the End of Days begins, "influencers" will be leading the forces of Hades…

  9. 6:30 the ability to change the Front / Rear power split is just awesome! For a performance car this is a great feature. 100% Rear drift machine

  10. Funny how in most of the videos like this, most people that watch can’t afford the car he is reviewing.

  11. The car is very cool, but the Tesla Model S Plaid is better. It is almost as fast, has four doors, has tons of storage space, and much more for 10% the cost.


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