The Rivian R1T is the coolest truck ever made

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! Rivian’s comment R1T !!! All of you have been asking, here it is: the full review of ….

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  1. Will we get it in RHD for the UK? Probably not, which would be a great shame. It's a quirkfest for Doug.

  2. The screen interface for everything sucks. Once the head unit goes wonky, you won't be able to do the most basic functions. But the design, lockable straps, trunks, bed door extension, etc. are cool.

  3. You didn’t mention it, but I assume the gear tunnel doors lock so random people won’t have access to it when parked?

  4. You didn’t mention it, but I assume the gear tunnel doors lock so random people won’t have access to it when parked?

  5. It can’t take off road tires and rims because of brake placement. It’s a mall adventure vehicle.

  6. Hilarious Laughing in tears. A $5k 2 burner stove? Really? That's a stove and a lot of LP canisters….Plus eating out at a fine restaurant a few times with change left over. Seems the Form over function has shifted to vehicles. All vehicles.

  7. Touch screens are nice for features that you don't need quick access to, but annoying if everything is touch screen.

  8. ok, so i like the look from the side (looks like a ridgeline). then they showed the front and i was like Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in "Friday"….DAAAAAMN!!!! just freaking awful!!!

  9. I'd need to have to have a lot more fun than that to spend that much money on something. My heartrate just can't get that high at 3 miles per hour.

  10. I didn't get all the hype around this truck until I watched the video! It really is amazing and has so many features that I don't get why no one has done them before! Very cool.

  11. If the range is in the Doug score, all ev cars will come out last. I will never buy them. I will never wait an hour for the thing to charge. I'd rather buy some expensive fuel than wait.

  12. using real cow leather is much more sustainable… it's simply a by-product of the meat industry. if not used, the leather just goes to the landfill or animal food… cows are essentially never killed for their leather

  13. The charge port is on the front. So when you get in a minor fender bender you can’t charge your car anymore

  14. Very impressive, functional design details. Great engineering efforts. I love almost all aspects of the truck. Unfortunately, I have a strong feeling this will remain to be a boutique pickup truck, so will the brand Rivian, to go down history as the boutique manufacturer.

  15. How quickly does the battery drain when towing or hauling heavy loads? How much are replacement parts and how long is the wait for service? How much is full coverage insurance?


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