The Sweeney | Section 2 | Advanced Equipment

Jeremy and Richard continue to start a riot on The Sweeney, almost killing Ray Winston at this point! .

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  1. "Hammond and I decided to beat a retreat before the World's Angriest Man found out how much of his money went up in smoke."

  2. "If that HAD hit here, would you like to know what Sophie Raworth would've said on the 6 o'clock news tonight?"

  3. Im learning to become a film director, i think i should take some tips from the styles of Clarkson and Hammond

  4. Imagine spending the entire budget on a Jag and having to settle with a Ford Focus for the other car :/

  5. Before you go to another video, don't forget that, like rest of us, you DID just waste 10 seconds of your life time watching a button being pressed.

  6. That Jag is on the road still so some poor bigger driving around in a car that was rebuilt after it been treated like this


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