The ‘Track-tor’ Walkaround | Advanced Equipment: Series 25

Jack Rix is ​​watching the Track-tor, as shown in the fifth episode of Series 25. Find out where you can see the latest series of ….

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  1. Constantly taking digs at America .. get the jelly beans out of your mouth when you insult the US

  2. Booo these guys are horrible get the old guys back of wait they made the grand tour go watch it top gear is dead now no longer fun it used to be fun with the challenges but now horrible like if you agree #bringthemback

  3. Y do u complain,if u didn't have tractors farming would be harder, if farming was harder less people would want to farm, if less people want to be a farmer, if less people want to farm it would eventually die out, if it dies out you don't get your beef, lamb or any dairy products
    So don't fuckng complain

  4. Im just realize top gear is good not because its a carshow. Its a automotive comedy, crazy big budget with insane explosion presented by mental host.


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