This is why Chevy Bolt and Uncool Electric Car

SEE CARS & BIDS Chevy Bolt has some amazing Tesla-beating numbers: $ 37500 base ….

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  1. That's the $30,000 car no one's paying that much for a Chevy bolt hatchback when they could get a Tesla for a little moreI got mine for 27 k

  2. Ok the range “minimum” and “maximum” is genius. I need that in my Tesla, I hope they add that with an update

  3. Chevy Bolt owner in 2022. Bought it used (2017) in April 2021. This is still a good review in 2022. In spite of the bad Press due fires .01% cars (16 cars) I feel fine about this car safety in comparison to all other cars I have ever owned. Deceptively spacious, fun and functional (above average). It feels like a smaller mini van (miro van). So if you like that you may love this car–if not you may hate it. You sit a bit higher. The way you look out of the car feels like a van. Cargo height and Length very good for such a small car. Tall passengers can sit in the back seat with plenty of leg room and head height. Lack of sound. Its and EV–its nice. Comfort. Definitely not a Camry More like a civic. You will feel the bumps. This is the best daily commuter car I have ever owned. This is coming from a Toyota Honda guy (I don't like Chevy) … honestly this is funniest most functional car I have ever owned. I average about 3.8 miles per Kwh combination freeway and city streets. (Just under 3 in below freezing weather). Also AC and Heating Great! though it really uses the electricity. Used EV. It is worth a Test Drive.

  4. I own a Chevy Bolt and it is a great Spring and Fall car due to the fact that the Heating and Cooling uses so much power. I have heated gloves and a heated jacket for winter. I roll the windows down circa 1950's to cool it in summer. However it is a great commuter. Charging at work is a bonus.

  5. where do the batteries go when they are done in the end? Sure the core of it can be recycled but where does the contents of the battery go?

  6. what he's saying is valid, but the main reson it didn't sell well for a few years is because the salespeople didn't want to sell them. The dealerships couldn't make as much off of maintenance, so they resisted selling it too.

  7. I came for this review after the latest recalls, knowing that you'd offer an honest and fairly comprehensive review. Now I feel pretty confident in my desire to purchase a dirt cheap EV with good range and now with a brand new battery pack this year.

  8. If 0-60 in 6.5 seconds gets a score of 3 then that would put virtually every Japanese hybrid or EV in a 1-2 score. This is way off.

  9. Tesla crowed are hypnotized. Ain’t no car is going to change their mind. Not the Bolt, not the Audi e-Tron, not the VW ID.4, not the Subaru Solterra, the Volvo XC40, the Rivian R1T, the Nissan Leaf, the Mustang Mach…… all these are good vehicles with better price and no wait time

  10. honestly
    the fact that it almost makes 400km
    plus its a cute little electric car, plus its name is bolt, thats great name

  11. Sadly, a lot of those features packed in… no one was asking for them. Safety features are nice when they're not annoying you with all of those beeps. And let's face it, the Chevy bowtie needs a redesign because man is it cheap and ugly looking.

  12. With all of the Bolts catching on fire, this didn't age well. Excluding that the design and interior are nice.

  13. It’s an ugly car. I’m all for EVs but it’s like they don’t put any thought into the car’s design.


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