This is why New JL Jeep Wrangler Is Better Than Old

SEE CARS & BIDS The 2018 Jeep Wrangler is completely redesigned – though it looks particularly ….

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  1. I just watched this again and I've owned my JLUR going on 4 years and 50k+ miles and it's been an amazing experience, I've loved every second driving and owning this vehicle, right now I can sell it for as much as I paid for it. It's not for everyone though, it's rugged and pretty much a off road vehicle that you drive on road.

  2. But what about reliability? There may be fun factors but they won't be much fun when you're sitting at the side of the road awaiting the tow truck!

  3. I’ve had both models, unfortunately the electronics in the JL are just as reliable as you’d expect, that being terribly unreliable. I will agree the driving is much better now, but having to fix the infotainment system as often as it breaks is a real pain.

  4. I wish he would have driven the manual transmission, so I could hear him complain about how much it fucking sucks.

  5. These Jeep Wranglers are truly something! Thank you Doug for your in depth review,it's truly outstanding!

  6. i had this as a rental. the ride was good and the engine had a lot of power. as it should its was a 2020 jeep wrangler. i noticed that it had excellent braking but lousy steering and i didnt like where the controls were placed in the cabin. those tiny doors made it awkward entering and leaving the vehicle.

  7. Not really a big surprise that the latest model of a car is better than the previous model.. Unfortunately at over $70,000 ( I live in South Africa) a JL will never make it to my garage

  8. If you get a JL don’t get the 2.0t with e torque and literally only buy the thing for the chassis and upgrade everything. The steering is garbage. The suspension is good for a stock jeep however. However, I have the 2.0t wrangler and I have issues with the drivetrain almost monthly. Maybe I’m unlucky but I have had a hard time with this motor. I’m highly considering swapping a small block Chevy into it ngl.

  9. Lol when he says.. "now… jeep people hate these people" … talking about people who only drive on the roads. Which I do. But…I bought my jeep because I live in the woods in New England. Snow…

  10. I credibly easy to do…
    You have to do this, that, this, then this, move this, plug in that, provide your social security number, finger it for about 3 hours, take it on 4 dates, and THEN you can remove a latch.

    For the latch, you have to…

    NO. Jeeps suck.

  11. "Im not gonna get a 4 cylinder!"

    …apparently these people didn't live through the Jeeps post the Straight 6

  12. The part in the cup holder isn’t for your phone it actually perfectly fits the key cause it’s massive. They actually tell you not to put your phone in there.

  13. For the blind spot monitor why didn't they just mount it higher up with a fish eye lens, within the outside of the car body

  14. My dad has an 05 wrangler, and when you unlatch it, you can push the lever through the grill and open the hood


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