This is why the BMW M3 E30 is my favorite BMW of All Time

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! E30 BMW M3 is a very good car – and today I am reviewing it ….

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  1. The more squares off body styling of older German cars is so nice the old gti vws these bmws all of them so much better looking than the bulbous newer vehicles

  2. Got an E30 Johnny Cecotto Ltd Ed 1/500 M3 in red and mint inside & out. Will sell for £100k if anyone wants to rehome in the UK

  3. My grandpa used to have one in black when i was like 4 or 5 years old, sadly he doesnt have it anymore but he still has the steering wheel of his e30 wich is nice

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  6. Never understood what the hype is with this ugly box, the E46 M3csl is something to vent about, but this box is just like the G-wagon, overrated and overhyped..

  7. This is a classic of BMW the headlights taillights and the spoiler makes this my all time favorite BMW

  8. The most good looking M3's are this (E30), the E46 and the E90. Actually these three cares are the most BMW looking BMW's to ever BMW.

  9. This was back when if you owned a BMW you were considered kind of rich or well off. Now I see them just as much as I see civics daily.


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