This is why the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the coolest Medium

SEE VEHICLES WITH BIDS Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the coolest interior design. Today I am reviewing ….

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  1. Doug is a guy who doesn’t know anything about off-roading who bought a truck because “it has a cool bar” and is trying to explain the purchase to either his wife or his friends who also don’t know anything about off-roading.

  2. I don’t like this guy no more he’s only making fun of Chevy cars never Ford cars what about the Ford mustang fake air vents

  3. “Hey Ricky let’s go film a video on the Chevy Colorado zr2!”
    “Nah sorry man I kinda gotta film this video with this other guy….sorry. I’ve been meaning to tell you. It’s for the best.”

    How the video came out:

  4. Bro he’s done videos on all the cars I literally haven’t search a car and not found a dough video on it

  5. Yea man it's gonna be so cool when I gotta do an engine tear down to change the oil filter

  6. What more could you want? 3 things. 1- LED Headlights and Taillights. 2- a sunroof. 3- fully- power-adjustable seats

  7. Picked up my Colorado ZR2 Bison from American Expedition Vehicles – AEV after their full upfit package and took it to Northern Michigan for some snow fun (30+"). Much more to come! @carscatscannabis New to the truck:

    -AEV Highmark Flares

    -AEV Snorkel

    -AEV Crestone wheels with protection rings

    -4.10 Gears

    -35" BFGoodrich Tires KM3 Mud Terrain Tires

    -Lingenfelter Speedo Calibration (everything works)

    -Go Fast Campers

  8. The only thing that the ZR1 and 2 have in common is that it’s the most extremes version of both of their respective models, I assume that’s why they used that name system

  9. When I first watched this video about this truck 2 years ago. I had mixed feelings about this truck. Honestly I've warmed up to them and I really want one now. At my job I became a parts delivery person and we drive Chevy Colorados but as you might imagine it's the work trim level. That being said though I enjoy driving the truck and looks of it and then I remembered the ZR2's and I was like, yeah I want this. But in extended cab configuration with either the V6 or the diesel.

  10. I'm sure someone has already told you in the comments that the zr2 towing capacity is only 5000lbs…not 7600lbs as you stated.

  11. I waited through the whole video to hear you talk about the Multimatic suspension, did that one not have it? That is the USP of that truck and what takes it to the next level, particularly off-road.

  12. im really late here but isnt the towing capacity wrong for this model? ZR2 maxes out around 5000lbs because of the suspension. any other model with the diesel will tow 7600lbs.


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