This is why the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 Can Be Better

SEE CARS AND BIDS The Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 is fine – but it could be better. Today I am ….

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  1. If the difference between $400/mo and $600/mo lease payment is your deciding factor, then perhaps you should be buying a ten year old Civic instead. Stop trying to look wealthier than you are now, so maybe you can actually BE wealthier in the future.

  2. I own a 2013 G37. I'm still waiting for Infiniti to come up with a proper car to upgrade mine. I'm a very loyal guy, but I'm afraid I'll have to switch to a different brand by the time my car breaks.

  3. My dad had a 2015 Q50 and even then the screen was outdated so I am surprised they were still using it in 2019. However it was fast, rear wheel drive, and uniquely styled. It was almost a sleeper but especially with the paddle shifters it just felt cool to younger me.

  4. I just sold an Altima Coupe with the VQ engine. Such a good engine, was sad to let it go. Next car I buy, it's gotta have a VQ, so I'm seriously considering one of these just for the engine.

  5. U roasted them a bit much . Rental cars ? Nooo and bro the tech and nav was yes bad but umm Infiniti is right behind lexus and at times we’re better here or there on a model . What’s this man hating on . Cmon now

  6. I love my 2019 Q50 (even with the two screens). While the lag can be a bit frustrating – if one manages the accelerator pedal it responds aggressively. My favorite aspect is the 'feel' in the drivers seat – you're sitting in and driving a responsive CAR (versus your living room furniture) with controls and gauges intuitively within reach and view.

  7. Should've mentioned the very reason WHY it looks like just an aftermarket screen. The Q50 uses the same interior as the G37s did except they just replaced the climate controls with a new touch screen and removed the buttons for the top screen. They even kept the same ash tray in the same exact position and size as it was since the G35s, except, it's lined with velvet since smoking in cars is no longer promoted. Also, that ash tray can't mit any phone bigger than the iPhone 5 which came out…the year the car was made.

    They should really just replace the whole center screen with a single giant screen and enlarge that old ashtray and repurpose it to a Qi Wireless pad. Also, just add a parking brake button or just give it back its old handbrake. But Nissan is an old, slow, dumb, and terrible company that just prays on low credit borrowers and sells 'luxury' cars.

  8. For only a few grand in tuning my 2018 Q60 has 585 rear wheel torque. Easy to transform this car into a beast!!!!

  9. My dad owned a q50 for a while. Never had any problems with it and it was quite quick. Infinity is underrated

  10. Now imagine that 2k to 5k you save if buying new vs a BMW m340i was used in bolt on mods (tune, exhaust, intakes, etc) that Infiniti would eat up that m340i. But in terms of interior design bmw wins hands down

  11. So who tf buys a car like this for the interior does no one care about the drivability and fun that you get from performance cars anymore cause y'all seem like you want the interiors so why don't y'all hateful asses go get a maybach or something that has a nice unnecessary interior

  12. The q50 is a good value car if you care about the engine that is which I don't know why y'all care about the interiors and expect so much from performance cars

  13. Being an infinity q50 owner I’m highly disappointed in your review. This car is fast, smooth and sexy AF. The only flaw to this car is the technology is behind time. But that’s the only flaw to this car.

  14. I knew Doug smoked weed from actions in his videos. But, to say Infiniti is irrelevant you're on bath salts. They're all over the road and last.

  15. The problem is the engine never matches the price the amount you'll pay for that u can always get something better

  16. I bought this car right after seeing this video. I’ve had it for a year now and it’s still my favorite car. Thank you Doug for bringing it to my attention even after a slight roast of the vehicle.

  17. The beauty of this car is depreciation. A 2016 red sport 400 awd is going for $23k. And is basically the same exact car as the 2021, you get a 400 horsepower awd car with as nice an interior you can get for under $25k. Ive been in one and im not really big on luxury, to me its pretty overrated because whats considered “luxurious” today will be considered “dated” in 5 years but i can honestly say it was pretty nice inside. If you can snag a red sport for under $30k i say go for it 10/10 times but for $52k yeah this car isnt worth it.


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