This is why the Jaguar XJ220 is the Craziest 1990s Supercar


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  1. I never knew they didn't import these new – I always thought they did, because Whittlesea Jaguar, in Torrance, Calif., had one in their showroom when they were new.

    I think the main reason it didn't do well is, because the car was so big – yet it's so small.

    (Hint: Some British cars in the '50's and '60's had starter buttons)

  2. Love quite a few things about this car but Doug? He'll inundate you TO DEATH with the fact that this is an XJ-220..I mean I honestly get you..but it's hilarious how you enthusiastically mention it's an XJ-220 so many times that I'm tired of hearing you say that but you's ok..Good review..

  3. I cant believe it took so long for the automotive industry to figure out that instead of hiding the headlights unsilghtliness just you know…. make them… sightly….

  4. Yes, because if this was an American car, page 5 wouldn't say "familiarize yourself with a fire extinguisher! it would say familiarize yourself with an UZI! haha

  5. Im from the UK, but sorry, Jags are crap !!! These were built just down the road in a place called Twyford. Whilst impressive to see in real life, the spec was just embarrassing


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