This is why the new Mercedes-AMG G63 is worth $ 200,000


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  1. I watched most of your reviews however there one thing that you need to improve on is that you repeat yourself to often making the reviews unnecessary lengthy where at times you become boring.

  2. CNC tried to rip me off but I got my money from them! Now they are out of business and under investigation. Losers!

  3. Mr beast. if you ever see this, all I want in life is one of these cars. You’re my only hope of ever getting one because I’ll never be able to afford one otherwise.

  4. What an ugly vehicle. The fact people are willing to pay so much for it is simply unbelievable.
    And to designate it as AMG, which supposed to be a race / performance "division" of Mercedes?
    Performance? For a Box car? An unimaginable stupidity.

  5. Obviously not a vehicle built for practical use, but for vanity. These cars are bought by people who are most concerned about what color the car is than anything else.

  6. I never told you that, but I think that your scoring system is controversial AF! for example, for a heavy ass SUV like that one to go from 0-60 in a little over 4 seconds should be very impressive and I would give it a 10 or a 9 if I wanted to be hard on it. UNLESS you know of an SUV that weighs the same as this one that can do 0-60 in 3 seconds. Do you?! I know that the jeep Grand Cheroki Trackhawk can make it in 3.5 second and it's probably the fastest SUV out there, which should be a 10, so you're shaving 3 points off of the wagon for a 0.5 of a second?!!
    That's just one of many examples I can give you. A good scoring system should take everything into consideration, the year the car was made, the weight, the type and other factors, and score it based on that. Rigid scoring is usually not accurate and doesn't mean anything. But I guess it's too late to try to fix anything now because you're already deep in it lol

  7. I feel like everything you think is cool on these is better or more predominate on the Rubicon 392 for half the price? If I pay 200k or 250k in todays market i'm getting a 250k SUV not this.. Awesome video as usual!

  8. If he was serious about thoes sounds being that satisfying then his wife better watch out for thoes G wagon doors

  9. You are a great reviewer not just advertising like some YouTuber parasitizing on people’s mind with absolutely no attitude or specific car knowledge!!

  10. As I’m growing my wealth

    I’m looking at reviews of these vehicles and I’m like not practical at all not my style too small…being rich isn’t what you think…

  11. I really need help making this much money asap to be able to buy one of these.Where can I get help other than working from 9 – 5?ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN LIFE AND SET NO LIMITS

  12. To the glory of God, three years from now, this machine will be among my fleet of cars, therefore I am marvelously helped.

  13. This is stupid. Value 5/10. You just told us that people get it for 150k and can sell for 200-250k.

    Like what the fuck more do you want?!


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