This Tesla Is Quicker Than A Fighter Jet

We got to take a very fast spin in the Tesla Model S Plaid. It accelerates 0-60mph in under 2 seconds, and it accelerates faster …

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  1. This car is insane! The acceleration is just WOW. Honestly Elon Musk he just did an amazing job right here like always

  2. Well it's actually not because at the drag strip cheeta mode is cheating and doesn't work at an actual drag strip.

  3. Outside design could use some work and hate the steering wheel. They should give options for that. I like resting my hand on top.

  4. 1st time I'll say this-your channel was very fast on new cars, but guys… you kinda late with this car, I know a blogger in Moscow-he bought one ≈2 or even 3 month ago.

  5. Nice car, this is a good motivation, I'm praying to get one for myself soon I just need a good source of income and time to achieve this goal


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