This Weird Hyundai Rivaled the Mercedes S-Class

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  1. Even though the score is fair but Mr. DeMuro seems to be over joyous about this car. However, I think grading of features for old cars should not be compared with modern standards because what was fixed into the car was the latest for its time.
    on a personal note, the Equus looks much like the Mercedes W126 S Class.

  2. Seeing a luxury sedan score poorer than the Isetta or the Trabant in the weekend category… wow!

  3. Wish they sold it in the US, but the only closest vehicle to the Hyundai Equus is the Hyundai Genesis.

  4. I appreciate the fact that Doug has traveled abroad.

    The EQUUS's lineage started in 1999. The front hood emblem ornament is of the horse, Pegasus.

    This model discussed in this video is so advanced that even in 2022, this car is more advanced than most vehicles on the road today.

    Ravi Peiris M.D. (2011 EQUUS owner)

  5. I would love you FOREVER if you showed the Equus 770 Bass….. THAT, is one car I think you would do good with! Plus… Its like you are reviewing/remaking history as it looks like a Fastback Mustang/Hellcat Dodge molded together. 200 MPH Max stock. INSANE CAR! lol

  6. i bet the hook on the trunk panel could also be attached to the rim of the trunk opening to keep the panel up while fiddling with the spare tire stuff

  7. the rear heated seat button up front is so you can pre-heat the rear seat while you're waiting for your passenger to finish their meeting.

  8. S.FLD is likely short for Sound Field, based off what it does. Right rear seat heater button up front would be for preheating the seat before you arrive to pick up your boss I would assume

  9. S.Fld = Sound field (The acoustic field augmentation to make audio sound more like the environment it was recorded in)

  10. EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!! EQUUS!!!!

  11. @Doug DeMuro S.FLD = Sound Field ..that is, it has a processor that simulates these zones 😉

    Further it's a interesting car, I knew it from before from the annual car catalog.
    And I want to say that I found your channel today and I am very happy about it. The reviews at the end are great, just what I was looking for! 🙂

  12. At 7:00 the screen says "주행중", which means you are driving. For the front screen on the dashboard, the TV function wouldn't work while you were driving in order to prevent car accidents.

  13. Those 4 options for hall club stadium etc were standard on some 80s and 90s stereos . The driver seat heat option is so you can preheat it ready for the passengers arrival in winter, without climbing in the back.

  14. Honestly im disappointed who ever thought it was okay to make a knockoff 1998 Lexus LS400/Toyota Celsior.
    ESPECIALLY from a multi billion dollar car company.


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