Top 5 SUVs | | Geneva Motor Show 2019 | Advanced Equipment

Jack Rix of Top Gear Magazine takes us around the latest SUVs at the Geneva Motor Show. Subscribe to Top Gear for more information ….

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  1. les concepts car ?
    Il serait interressant de connaitre le coup de production de ces dèlires de constructeur.
    Mais je crois bien que l'ordre est dans les milliards, autant dire que pour augmenter les charges de fonctionnement c'est pas mal.
    A l'heure de la simulation informatique on comprend mieux pourquoi les constructeurs s'échinent á nous vendre des produits qui ne verrons jamais le jour.
    Only smoke.

  2. I wish that little T Roc R would come to the state's! And yes, we need little go fast suv's at least here I the state's!

  3. In the UK, there is no need for SUV and they are less safe to drive. If you need space buy a MPV like a Gran Scenic much more value for the money, especially with the great turbo-diesels.

  4. He Obviously wasnt sitting in the new Cayenne. its a rolling living room and this is what SUVs are all about 🙂

  5. Gotta love this Geneva motorshow for the sheer amount of useless cars that will never get built trying to sell to the richest 1%. Shows how useless the car industry has become.

  6. Not shocked that there's this many SUVs coming out. I am not an SUV person, but that doesn't mean other people are not. Maybe, one day I'll have a need for an SUV. (:

  7. The Lagonda SUV certainly deserves praise for such an innovative design. Rolls Royce and Bentley should be ashamed of bringing out such a mundane design for their respective SUVs!

  8. Bentley is the nice one and that color is just magnificent! I’ve always liked the Bentley over RR all models, I think it looks nicer.

  9. The Tonale concept from Alfa Romeo looks pretty but unfortunately looks to be based on either the Jeep compass or renegade platform. Just when they make an award winning Giorgio platform that's all-new and brilliant (for the Giulia/stelvio), they're reverting back to rebadged FCA junkers.

  10. *Nice presentation.
    *Nice shoes.. match the hair.
    *Alfa Romeo is really underrated as a brand! All European cars have reliability issues, AR gets so much more blame than deserved, especially considering how beautiful well balanced cars it produces and how historic the brand is.
    * Does Lagonda have a button to hide the wheels and float? Would be more fitting, luxury ⛵..ugliness
    * I still can't get all the SUV trend and trust me neither AR does, a purely sports car oriented brand hates elevating the center of gravity, but it just has to follow and produce Stelvio and Tonale for the money. Maybe women love SUVs, created and maintain the trend, idk vision, high position, sense of safety… They were never particularly good at anything that has to do with cars. Still I would trust Stelvio or Tonale for keeping some sport character in driving and turning


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