Top 5 Top Equipment: Electric Vehicles from Frankfurt

Jack Rix of TG Magazine directs you to the hottest electric cars – from Hyundai, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagen – to ….

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  1. After the Porsche Taycan got the poor EPA range rating VW, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are all dropping EV sales completely in the US. "vorsprung durch technik" – not so anymore!

  2. Enjoyed watching this review of what's to come with ev cars . Looking forward to seeing all on road in person.

  3. TopGear should be ashamed about ignoring willingly the Tesla cars, making them part of Big Oil & Big Auto Industries desinformation and propaganda machine of Criminal Polluters and abusers. Pure Manipulation of the Ignorant.

  4. Somewhat disappointing only Mini and VW actually are presenting cars for the mass market and the Mini with not a great range capability, the others an expensive Porsche for millionaires and 2 concept cars, concept cars are just that only a concept.

  5. So basically Tesla has been showing the world that an electric car is just a great car. And being 10 years late on the topic ze germanz try to get control of the story. Look, itt's seems it's a great car and a great Porsche anyway, but credit should be where it's due. Those crazy Californians achieved quite something.

  6. This link shows what an electric Mustang should be not a 4 door. Look up Mustang Lithium on YouTube it is all electric and a current version of the Fastback Mustang mated to a 6 speed manual transmission
    I like the concept of electric Mustang's, but not an SUV, or a 4 door Mustang. I have owned 2 Mustang currently own a 2016, and had planned on buying the Bronco. Have been a Mustang fan and stayed with Ford, because it is the only manufacturer. Which never asked the US government for assistance, Dodge got
    47 Million in between 2009 to 2012, and it sold itself to Fiat, which are now owned by Renault.
    I like the F150 electric, but Mustang should never have 4 doors…. Porsche's 911, Boxster, and Cayman are all and will remain pure to sports cars with 2 doors. They have different for different size 4 doors, Cheyenne, Macan, and Panamera. With the new Taycan an all electric 4 door the size of the Panamera. Are you following what I'm trying make a point to . At SEMA the was the Mustang Lithium with the 6 speed manual transmission. I approve that one, it's still a 2 door and of course a Fastback. Now if the 4 door Mustang goes into production Ford lost a 2nd customer. Another guy went to buy a C8 traded his 3rd Mustang. We both got sick this weekend. I'm waiting to see it goes into production. Otherwise going to Porsche or Jaguar

  7. Yep, bla bla bla showman 'guy'. The norm today: – empty superficial nonsense. A lot in the window – nothing in the fridge. Crap

  8. After admitting for a second time #topgear or more like #lowgear, you fabricated the truth between the Tesla/Porsche test I along with hundreds more know you have no credibility on reporting about anything, let alone cars.


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