Top Equipment: Series 24 Series

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  1. The original trio will never be topped, but my God this trio was the hestvwevecseen since the originals departure

  2. There are couple of positive thing
    Chris Evans being eliminated
    The car become more modern
    New cast is better
    The problem that exist or continued from last season
    The view is increase, but not a lot.

  3. Where's Colin? This was disappointing. At first I thought Colin made it big, then I realized it was the new TG crew who are obviously so desperate for viewers that they're now approaching Youtubers help 'm out. Such a devaluation of once an awesome show 🙁

  4. Hey , we might not have jeremy, james and richard anymore on the show! but we still have the stig!

  5. Really? This is what replaced James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson??? I think ill stick the The Grand Tour much better (Funny how you guys got rid of them and amazon snatched them right up ahaha)


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