Top Gear Series 22 – Episode 5 Trailer | Advanced Equipment

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  1. Those were the days. Now we have to wait for The Grand Tour. Not gonna watch The Ginger Gear. I've tried and after holding on for about 20 minutes I have mental scars.

  2. I hate that the fact that they always say American cars are rubbish is complete rubbish… there are so many American cars that are better than European cars… for example there is a car for the price of a Ferrari LaFerrari you can get the best American car out there… the Trion Nemesis RR… it is all wheel drive double the Ferrari's HP with a higher top speed, it looks pretty cool too… there is more to American cars then GM, Mopar and Ford.

  3. Ferrari is just being a pussy. If they really have the confidence to win the P1 and 918, why didn't they let Top Gear to test it on their track?

  4. Just saw this episode, and guess what? Top Gear likes the Stingray. They have admitted that it is an even match to anything in its price range and even a few more expensive cars. Even Clarkson said so. And my favorite part is that this is the base model, this is not the Z06 or even the ZR1.

  5. Ahah, i love to see british giving lessons on how to manage a motor company. Which brand is still belonging to you guys ? Aston Martin= koweit, Lotus= Malaysian, Jaguar, Land Rover=Tata motors, Rolls=German, Rover ? disapeared….

  6. I wonder if we will see the Porsche 918 vs the McLaren P1 and finally know if Jeremy will be called Jennifer


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