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  1. ADA YANG DARI INDONESIA, DAN MENYANGKA BAHWA INI ADALAH TOP GEAR. PASTI ADA YANG MENYAMAKAN DENGAN OM FITRA,MAS RIDWAN,DAN OM MOTOMOBI TV saya pun sama berfikiran begitu, karena ketiga orang ini banyak melalukan chaalenge seperti om fitra om mobi dan mas ridwan dan yah WE LOVE TOP GEAR OLD:)

  2. pretty sure this was the actual excursion that lasted so long by the time they finished filming (quite late) and was then refused a hot dinner, provoked 'the punch up'. after seeing what they went thru and the state they were in after it all, which was done 'for the cameras', personally i dont blame clarkson a single bit.

  3. sad to see them go to netflix, hulu or whatever broadcasting net they get there viewing audience (and maybe even artistic freedom) reduced


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