Top Gear Shuts Down LA For A Porsche Drag Race! | Top Gear USA

Subscribe: The team takes the Porsche 911 GT2 RS around the closed streets of LA, resulting in … .

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  1. Top Gear America failed because they had a bunch of boring ass guys on it that had no personality. None at all

  2. I love how he says it’s tough competition and both “ had the muscle to send the Porsche packing” on what planet? 500 hp in the nova is a lot less and it’s an old car.

  3. incredible how laws don't apply to famous people, if you do a donut in USA streets, you'll get bullied by cops and get a huge fine and they make you pay for the "cleaning" of the road from skidmarks … they can just skid all over the place, leaving skidmarks left and right and cops are even happy about it lol

  4. this is one of the greatest pieces of automotive film ever shot. this singlehandedly made me want a porsche more than anything else i’ve ever seen

  5. Fling me from the track in a red mist of rage… As I go off track in Real Racing 3 in a 2013 SRT Viper GTS

  6. Come on

    YOu have to race against the big ferraris and Lambos that are in the same price range

  7. I must have misheard you.. did you say cold air? 60 degrees? Damn I should move to where ever country you live if you think cold is 60 degrees.

  8. Usa petrol RON is very poor compared to european, in which we have regular 95 and 98 premium. Perhaps that explains the relatively "low" power and torque during day, much more than the lower density of oxygen when the air temperature is high


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