Top Gear, The Stig, Chris Harris & my Lamborghini

BBC’s Top Gear invited me to YasMarina for a lifetime experience… Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @radioblondie Check… .

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  1. Teas cojido uno está bien lo mismo te apaña loque pasa que a la hora de la verdad muchos escapan no todos se quitan el pantalón no todos son inmorales los hombres y los chavalesv y están cómodos con todas las mujeres algunos escapan

  2. She asks, “what do you say when people think there shouldn’t be a second Top Gear”, easy, “F@#ok off. That’s what my answer would be.

  3. Blondie is a rockstar, Chris Harris is a boss, and the cameraman needs to stabilize those sit-down interview shots, get a gimbal, monopod, and or, travel tripod.

  4. Stumbled across SB randomly but im hooked my son is almost 9 and is very interested in supercars. I could so see him doing a channel like this and traveling the world. Awesome!


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