Top Gear’s Top 5: SUVs from Frankfurt

Jack Rix of TG Magazine is reviewing some of the fun – and experimental – SUVs from Land Rover, BMW, Cupra, VW and ….

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  1. Need a sub-£30000 Defender. No Electric seats, windows or entertainment / Nav system. Sound proofing reduced, plastic floor covering. Electronics reduced traffic/lane control, reversing sensors strip the lot out. No better recommendation than selling this version to the military or farmers

  2. 6:49 Oh there better be a lot of clear coat on that, you do NOT want to breathe any of that in. (Also I thought vanta black was only reserved for that one artist guy who wouldn't share it with anyone)

  3. I’m still nooooot convinced about the New Land Rover 2020..should have followed Mercedes approach with their G-Wagon..perfectly converges the old with the new

  4. What made the old one a world beater was that it was the backbone of the military jeep! The new one seems to have been built for the civilians and hopefully "farmers"! And where is the soft top?
    The new model unfortunately is aimed for whom? There are so many others cheaper and as good!!!!!

  5. John Roth, the Honda Fusion really does tick a lot of boxes, far more workman like than the CRV, which I once owned, but more style than substance. As for Brexit, the corrupt politicians and courts all appear to be in George Soros’s back pocket, so the 60% of areas that voted for Brexit will be disappointed.

  6. when the sh#t hits the fan with a emf attack my old defender will still do what it was designed to do. this defender will not even start.


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