Electric Awards 2021: Porsche Taycan Cross Tourism, Polestar 2 and Lotus Evija

Heat on the heels of the Oscars, by Electric Awards 2021. Being close to the date is where the parallel ends ….

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  1. Stop talking non stop on spec when you drive learn from old top gear you compliment with style make the word more elegant and do its in rhythm that make good car b roll shot

  2. This is TopGear Prototypes Awards. Non of these cars can actually be bought right now except taycan

  3. The used hemp structurally overflow because feature synchronously cross about a jittery fear. flat, unnatural seaplane

  4. For everyone that thinks the Mach E isn't a Mustang, everyone who has ever got a chance to actually sit in it and drive it around the corner really fast has agreed that it performs just like a Mustang.

    Whether you call that being a Mustang or not by that definition it is.

    Although I am looking forward to them making a true to the body Mustang in the future, we'll have to settle for the family sized version.

  5. The Tesla Model 3 has more range than the Polestar 2, the most important aspect of an EV. But let's give the award to the Polestar because they probably paid more.

  6. The best all-round EV is clearly the Model 3. You give it to the Polestar and then say it doesn't have proper charging infrastructure. That's quite a biased award.

  7. Nice to give some of the non-Tesla contenders recognition, but I sense a definite bias towards the car co's that advertise.

  8. Tiktok videos are better than this show, where top gear has come, they are now shooting in a charging station.
    Now I realize without the trio top gear is as useless as demonitized currency

  9. That eqs is one repulsive looking thing… That visual price tag is too much to pay for that drag coefficient

  10. Real talk though that Sian is a bit surprising because I was expecting all electric not hybrids but I mean they made the rules

  11. I would've been disappointed if any car but the taycan cross turismo got the best ev award. I mean, the taycan saloon didn''t really look bad in any way, but audi's etron gt definitely looked better. And then comes the cross turismo. I'm pretty sure ppl will agree with me, that car is indeed the best looking estate out there, It's almost as if porsche made an estate, tried coverting it to a saloon and sent the estate out for sale anyway. What an amazing car. I can't believe I'm saying this, but even though I'm a crazy petrol head, if i had the money, I'd buy the cross turismo over anything else in that range.

  12. Chris, don't accept evolution, he needs pollution and noise …
    he's a clown, and he ruined this video!

  13. The steering wheel of the Lotus Evija looks like it was stolen from the junkyard and quickly mounted…
    And the Ioniq 5 best looking? WTF? That thing looks uggly like any Tesla! Some people seem to suffer from aberrations of taste!
    I really miss the old Top Gear with the three best presenters!


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