Topgear Magazine gets an overhaul! New-look magazine out now! | Top Gear

Yes, TopGear magazine has had a facelift. A total redesign. Experience more of what you love: more of the world’s best writing, … .

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  1. iPad only?

    Siri: "I'm sorry, I cannot let you read TopGear Magazine and talk to your friends online at the same time. Should we just play chopsticks instead?"

  2. fuck it! Topgear India doesnt even deliver it to me….. Its been 6 months since i subscribed n i've received 1 issue. One!

  3. I'd want fewer advertising pages. What is it with car ad being two page spreads of one plain picture and one sentence on it? I'd rather have a page full of pictures from all angles to see what the car really looks like. Or the performance info. Id like to see advert actually tell you about it, rather then make you guess or negotiate unnecessarily complex car websites (BMW) to find the simplest of information.

  4. Honestly, what I have started doing is to give them to doctor's offices or car wash places so people can experience the awesomeness that is Top Gear. It works for me since I do not have to throw them away and give them to places that certainly need more automotive mags.

  5. I buy Top Gear, EVO and Car magazine here in Canada. Its about $13 bucks each. So $40 bucks every month just on mags. But its worth it. I dont throw them away either. Just too nice with that gloss. I have over 500 magazines now lol. What am I gonna do with all of them

  6. Interested to see what they have done. Did think the old format was getting a bit dated, and bit all over the place.


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