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This is a Toyota Auris, a Japanese model of cars like Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra. It was a real struggle ….

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  1. So, I've got a Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 for 15k euros with a bit over 70k kilometres. It's the lounge version (the most equipped) and the cup holder in the back doesn't have that issue.

  2. It's so obvious this presenter is paid by the German car manufacturers to say how good their cars are. He trys his best to rubbish the Toyota but we know that their R&D budget alone is bigger than Audi and BMWs put together, resulting in a far more superior product.

  3. There might be others that are better but none will last as long as the toyota with the exception of the Honda Civic

  4. Actually this toyota with 1.4 diesel engine will go 400k miles with no problems. Focus and vw barely go to 200k miles with no problems. So if u want a used car to last 30 years buy this toyota

  5. someone finally said my name correctly without even ever seeing me in real life. And yes my name is Auris and yes i was born before the creation of the toyota auris

    This a design fault that Toyota know about but WON'T tell you about and then want to charge £500 for extra parts to be fitted in an attempt to alleviate the the problem.
    The Catalytic Converter theft is Epidemic and can be stolen in less than three minutes,
    We have a 2019 Auris Tourer, The Catalytic Converter was removed in broad daylight on pub car park by two thieves with a Trolley Jack & a Battery powered Impact wrench.
    Four hours to get the home after the AA collected the car.
    Endless hours on the phone to insurance , Car Hire companies and Main Dealers
    7 weeks off the road, Catalytic Converter is on Back order due to the amount being stolen.

  7. As been an owner of a Ford Fusion, VW Golf, VW Jetta, and an Astra, Toyota Auris has been my most logical and satisfactory buy ever since. Love my 1.6 2ZR FAE engine with the CVT.

  8. My 100hp Corolla feels perfectly fine on power for me. Call me boring idc
    It will still be driving after 20 years.

  9. My 2003 Corolla 1.6 petrol never lets me down. Basic maintenance and this is it. We just did a 800km trip in two days and the car is 100% fine. Not the sportiest, nor am I a racing driver. It just gets the job done. And the ride is smooth, seats are comfortable and its overall quite good. Engine can be dull but rev it up to 4000rpm and its fun to drive.

  10. Every car is short on shoulder room for me. My shoulders are too broad even during the Covid 19 Gym shutdown.

  11. It is quite good fun to drive with the 1.6 naturally aspirated petrol. I dont think you guys have that engine in the UK though

  12. Tip from an Auris driver: never, ever use the horn. A mobility scooter horn is ten times louder. A clown's car horn gets more respect. In a really scary situation (involving, say, an 18 wheeler, like the one in the film Duel) it's probably safer to jump out of the car than try and get the other guy's attention by using the horn.
    Other than that, a fantastic little car!

  13. Except there aren't better cars that are better. My 20 year old Yaris has never had anything other than brakes, tyres, filters etc replaced. Even has the original clutch. No point saying "other cars are better" when they aren't built like Toyotas. You know what car is the best? The one that runs with a non general maintainance bill of zero.

  14. I don't get it, why do car manufacturers still use these slow car computers. my cell phone is faster than that.

  15. The fuck y'all across the pond need heated seats for…. It barely hits the 40s in the winter in Britain from what I hear! Unfortunately in the US, we get soul sucking cold in the winter, and soul melting heat in the summer here in the heartland. From what I hear temps are far more consistent over by y'all.

  16. Toyota's still seem to be reliable cars, but boy are the styling and the interiors ugly…. Just look at the interior of the new Yaris, horrible…

  17. Is there any other car that is as reliable, same or better fuel consumption as Auris hybrid and is more fun/better hybrid car?


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