TOYOTA COROLLA CROSS | Overview of Functional Benefit | Toyota

Why are you so motivated to be active? You will get to know the reason once you feel the benefits through the features on the all …

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  1. For me,i love toyota,i feel rest with toyota because not too much problems and make sure will not stop your driving on the road,sometiems when i see have some car stopped on the roads ,i told myself not easy to see toyota car have problems on the road.

  2. Автомобиль, хороший. В версии для России нужен подогрев задних сидений, складывающиеся задние сиденья в ровный пол (любим спать в машине) , климат контроль для задних пассажиров, электрон выход для видеорегистраторов перед зад, подогрев лобового стекла, подсветка на двери для выхода ночью, проекция на лобовое стекло. Вот тогда просто супер будет!

  3. Is all going to be manufactured in South Africa. The hybrid is the one I had in my 2010 Prius, Pity Toyota/Lexus South Africa is not doing justice to hybrids, and with Dr.Johan Van Zyl passed on, I am getting hopesless. R.I.P "Doc" I expect some tribute youtube from Toyota Global on Dr. Johan Van Zyl legacy, and soon!


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