Challenge of Establishing a Recycling-based Society and Systems – 2050 Challenge … Promote global deployment of End-of-life …

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  1. Build a long life architecture that can be updated upgraded for decades and you have it. Everyone wants more power and economy but tbh weight is always going up! If weight is prioritized a little more performance will follow in mpg and acceleration. My 2 cents. This would aid in reducing power dense engine building witch would increase reliability and longevity.

  2. If you gave EVWest a look, what they're doing is exactly this. They've converted classic Porsches, Ferraris, VW Beetles and busses to electric. Problem is, the cost is completely shouldered by the client. If this retrofit procedure could be done, think of the jobs it would make, and the cars you could save. Breathing new life into something thought to be disposable. There's a whole industry unexplored, only because it's easier to make money from selling disposable things, rather than repurposing what's old.


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