Toyota GR Yaris review – see why I want to buy one!

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  1. Chuck the Porche for the Yaris GR! The Porche looks dead unfriendly – what made you buy it in black? – while the Yaris just says "Kiss me arse, I'm going to the game."

  2. I always looked at those normal Yaris here in Hawaii as little chihuahuas. Now, I look at them as Underdogs of the TOYOTA MARKET, along with the new GR Corolla. Big improvements.

  3. man, if this car was more sensibly priced I'd take it in a heartbeat. I just love the looks and concept of it

  4. Yes sell that porche its old. And bring this new technologie and feel of driving sport and that clutch thing they made is just amazing. Wow toyota you get my respect. What an beautifull and amazing car. I was going on a3 but i see this yaris i change my mind. What a beautifull this yaris is. Im speechless

  5. I love the dials. Old school Toyota analog dial with a thick orange/red dial that glows in the night. Hits me right in the feels.

  6. Toyota: Here is the new "SUPRA"
    Fans: Its a BMW Z4 coupe! FFS Toyota you used to make fun racing cars on your own. Please make a car with your own engine and hardware only!! Non of this German rubbish!
    Toyota: FINE! Here is this Yaris on steroids
    FANS: <3 <3 <3 <3 *instant hard on*

  7. It will last for ever…it’s not a ford chevy bmw vw hyundai or all the rest of shitty engine brans car companies that don’t care for the consumer. At least Toyota when they do smithing they do it right, you get your money’s worth, that’s why they’re #1 and will be there for long time. Maybe not that nice of an interiors but at least you won't visit to many garage mechanics only for oil change and brake pads replacement every 60 k or so. Lol

  8. shame you want 60 on 2nd that second gear ratio can be changed in a remap you want 62 64mph on the tip of second or you shifted before the limiter, get it under 5 seconds then if you hit 60 on seconds, either a low shift or they need to raise that second gear ratio, it can probably be done on a remap, the gear box would benefit from a short shifter, short shifter on gear box and raise that second gear ratio and itl do 4.8 seconds

  9. I have the 2008 yaris. This here is not a yaris. It a rocket with just a name and nothing else. They made a weapon instead!!

  10. hey matt, it would be awesome if you bought a gr yaris, you could do some upgrades to it and post on your personal channel. The porsche is great, but you only live once

  11. I hope that the US model has 4 doors and is comfy for 4 adults. If so, this car could replace my Honda Fit as my "do everything" commuter car.

  12. I'd love to see how reliable a 3cyl turbo is from Toyota. The Ecoboosts etc are junk, and often fail before 100k miles.

  13. Hello 911!?
    Yeah! Here's an emergency.
    Some dumbass guy is selling his Porsche to buy a fuckin Toyota will that be considered as a crime or not !?

  14. As good as the GR might be – a Porsche is a Porsche, and I would never sell a Porsche for a Toyota. It´s just a completely different world – no matter what.

  15. wait for Sebastien Ogier, if he winst the next rally wich would be his 9th they will make a limited edition for him. it will be more Rally oriented! worth the wait


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