Toyota GR Yaris v Honda Civic Type R – DRAG RACE

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  1. Today i confirmed that mat sucks at brake tests , if you’ve recently watched the comparison video between the two you’ll see that the GRYaris stopped from 70Mph in 50m while the civic did it 48m

  2. Impressed with the Civic in the wet. FWD vs AWD and a greasy surface… would be interesting to see how it fared in the dry.

  3. I realy like the engine performance of yaris, for that 3 cylinder turbo not bad to compit type r 4cylinder turbo, but for me a appreciate the performance of toyota yaris, someday i can find way to have that my dream car.

  4. ถ้าเป็นcivic Feคงไม่เห็นฝุ่น


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