Toyota GR Yaris v Yaris GRMN – DRAG RACE

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  1. I am really confused about the level of Toyota GR.I guess that GRMN is the top,and then the GR,and the GR Sport,the last is GR parts.But why they give a better performance to the second level which beat the top in everywhere according to the video?

  2. this is a very important video with vital information, I am trying to see rather I should pour my entire bank into the GRMN or sell my kidney for the GR Yaris, now this large piece of the puzzle is now settled! thanks, Carwow.

  3. Is toyota gonna stick GR badges from now on in every cars? It's a good thing as well as a negetive thing.. we want GR to be special than TRD badges… we want things like GR yaris more and not things like Camry TRD


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