TOYOTA LAND CRUISER | Body and Chassis | Toyota

This video explains body and chassis as well as user benefits from them. #Toyota #ToyotaGlobal #ToyotaLANDCRUISER Toyota …

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  1. Toyota needs More full electric vehicles , I believe they know this, as a super huge Toyota fan, I Would love n full electric passenger vehicle like the BZ4x, really hope it hits the market by storm as a humble compony Like Toyota, cannot afford to fall behind. There is a huge amount of electric vehicles hitting the market & you must give a customer choice for a small compact fully electric vehicle. I believe we are not kaizening fast enough. I would right this up as a KYT, near-miss, near miss of opportunity. GO G0 G0 Toyota making me proud. Toyota South Africa is working so hard in being the best in Town, we need the best electric vehicle in that town as well.

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  3. All the other manufacturers should immediately stop making SUV's. Noone can match the reliability and robustness of the Toyota. The Land Cruiser is the only true vehicle with offroad capabilities. Thank you Toyota!

  4. Toyota as a current URJ200 owner please reconsider bringing the Land Cruiser to the USA (GR Sport or TRD PRO name for USA). I believe one of the issues with sales in the states is there is virtually Zero Marketing, and you keep the nice features everyone wants (triple lockers) out of the USA models since the 80 series (rear and center lockers on early 100 series). Jeeps are getting closer to the price of a Cruiser, overlanding and off roading is getting much more popular, and I believe if you keep a nice cabin not to Lexus grade but had a more off road focused package and market a little sales would pickup a lot. People want a reliable comfortable and capable vehicle. For several people it's the right size (Sequoia is a little large 4-runner lacks power to tow as well). Please offer Land Cruiser in the USA so some day I can say I'm a proud 300 series owner!

  5. Among the shortcomings.. I hope that the company will modify the third row to accommodate 3 passengers in the Land Cruiser 2022 so that it can accommodate 8 passengers.


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