TOYOTA LAND CRUISER | E-KDSS (Electronic – Kinetic Dynamic Suspension) | Toyota

This video explains E-KDSS as well as user benefits from them. #Toyota #ToyotaGlobal #ToyotaLANDCRUISER Toyota Motor …

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  1. It is rather funny I have been watching the development of the 4wd since 1966 and have owned virtually every make of 4wheeler over that time.One thing I have noticed is that landrover will come out with some new electronic or suspension development like hill decent control and all sorts of new ideas the the next year all the other car manufacturers are using this new idea.Just check back over those years and see if I am right.

  2. Another nail in the coffin for the old ancient outgoing model that people have paid too much for recently. I'm glad I waited for the new one!

  3. LOL stop with all this technical headache stuff! Toyota PLEASE give us in the US a hilux with a manual transfer case, a manual transmission, and manual windows!

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  5. No doubt its the most perfect off road SUV till date ,please its a request ,please manufacture this car locally in India, in India we dont want the CBU or CKD route of this car ,if we get this locally manufactured localy ,clearly it will be on the top selling suv more than land rover thats for sure


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