TOYOTA MIRAI | 2nd Generation Toyota Fuel Cell System | Toyota

This video explains the customer benefits given by 2nd Generation Toyota Fuel Cell System of the new Toyota Mirai. #Toyota …

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    The Dueterium of Philipines, can change the course of the Whole World into a Good Life for all Humans.

  2. I just can't wait for below freezing winter driving, as often found World wide, when countless  hydrogen vehicles have driven before us spewing cool liquid state water exhaust droplets coating the roads with black ice for us to drive over and wreck our vehicles on ! How about slips and falls in parking lots from countless winter temperature water waste dumps. Now that is safe ! This concept is just another, not so well thought out,"GREEN", idea that when applied into the real world, with millions of passenger and commercial trucks produced by so many manufacturers  needed to fuel a society with hydrogen to keep us safe from climate change does not keep us safe from injury or death when in vehicular accidents or falling down when encountering ice. A future Hydrogen Economy when built out, operating so many Hydrogen Vehicles that are spitting water on below freezing road or parking lot surfaces day after day in continual below freezing temperatures is not the answer ! It only takes  a small patch of ice for a person walking to slip and fall. The key point is the state of the vehicle water emitted. ICE have high thermal heat and the resulting combusted fuel emissions cocktail comprises much less water as a portion per mile which is exhausted mostly as vapor, which as we know, is emitted as a gas vapor not settling on a road surface, but dissipating up as heat rising into the atmosphere. Present fuel cell designs drip much water in the liquid state as the only single resulting byproduct, able to fall in a cool liquid form, ready to freeze on colder road surfaces. That is the difference. If a steam heating unit was added to the fuel cell's liquid water by-product exhaust, this may be an energy intensive solution reducing mileage, and efficiency during winter driving. So, where to put the liquid water. Maybe an onboard  tank to freeze solid and burst when parked?  At a stop sign or light idling then accelerating adding heavy icing right there to the road surface just where one wants to actually stop? A parking lot to slip and injure another walking by the back of your parked vehicle or after you drove off leaving water to freeze there? A roadside gutter so a pedestrian can slip stepping off a curb, maybe falling down flat in front of stopped traffic and out of view of drivers ? Your driveway so you can fall there ? Your Garage to slide across while holding your infant child then both hitting the hard floor? Maybe, you need more tasks or to be distracted by mopping up the garage floor before the water freezes and your groceries just purchased thaw? Maybe a high speed highway perhaps in a turn? Maybe the unlimited speed limit Autobahn with high water production by those higher electric energy demands moving the hydrogen vehicle through the air while simultaneously dumping large amounts of water mist contrails at high speed onto the road surface? Your Hydrogen Vehicle needs to relieve itself in public, The question is where to do it safely? Now considering these real world usage / interaction scenarios listed, are Hydrogen Vehicles a good idea? As a vehicle operator you can rate the chance of consistent, caring, and professional operator actions observed when you're out exercising your privilege to be with others in the public driving arena. Are you certain that rushed Hydrogen vehicle drivers find and maneuver over a public storm drain water dump station to let their hydrogen vehicle relieve itself in public places when freezing weather is happening? You rate and you decide if  we or will not slip into a Hydrogen transportation based society. As for me…you guessed it,  I see much more "could care less" vehicle drivers and very few careful vehicle drivers. Hydrogen supporters….should we give these "could care less" about you drivers a water soaker sprayer for society at large to walk or drive over when a dash indicator flashes an alert "water tank full" during your trip? 

      As a example of related but current human behavior, How many times do you see trash / rubbish go swirling out of a moving pickup truck bed in the States, or dumped out a moving vehicle window instead of being caringly placed in a proper waste receptacle when arriving at one's destination, as an example of drivers' proper public disposal habits?

    Maybe add antifreeze to the water dump so it can mist on following vehicles windshields / windscreens then be smeared when wipers on, so the trailing driver has no clear view of the road. Now that is safe ! Then more windshield solvent , with poisonous methanol, is added to the ground by constantly spraying to keep a clear view. Now we're turning wipers on and off, as if that is not distracting to manage while driving in heavy traffic or oncoming bright sunlight in turns. Now that's safe.

    Maybe many Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles can dump water, and antifreeze, smearing trailing vehicle's glass view 360 degrees, that is now spread everywhere in the environment. Now that is green, think !

    Maybe the Hydrogen Vehicle owner after the cost of a fill up of Hydrogen decides to not pay for the extra cost of perpetually filling an auxiliary antifreeze reservoir that costs more than gas or petrol per gallon. So where is the transportation fuel savings when buying both Hydrogen and Antifreeze for the fuel cell's water as a by product tank?

    Maybe granular or liquid salt treatment of ALL the roads ALL the time when temperatures are below freezing, even on sunny winter days ! Now raising the P.H. in streams from water mixed with salted trickling runoff 24/7/ all winter does not sound very Environmentally conscious or Green Think savvy. Get ready for higher taxes to pay the millions of dollars to pay for road treatment. Pay for replacing your scratched up paint. Pay for a broken windshield / windscreen when a chunk of salt is thrown on it during truck/ lorry application. Buying a new Vehicle often because your vehicle rusted prematurely from driving all winter on heavily salted roads.

    Maybe add vehicle exterior damaging or ICE engine air filter intake & cabin air filter clogging traction grit like coal furnace electric generation plant cinders or mined beach sand from environmentally sensitive areas to the below freezing road's surfaces 24/7 all winter to combat black ice on road surfaces, filling the streams with sediment to clog fish gills when stirred into the water column later by heavy rains to follow in warm weather. Now one has to think twice about opting for a green and healthy deep breathing bicycle ride or walk on a drier warm early Spring Day to work or for pleasure while breathing the leftover dust from many Winter months of road grit application stirred up by passing vehicles.

    Maybe the antifreeze adder system breaks or is disabled. Now the trailing driver is back to sliding on black ice in below freezing cold temperatures when Hydrogen is used in Vehicles as a transportation fuel spewing ONLY clean water onto the roads as the only by-product of its use.

    You decide, if adopting Hydrogen Transportation is in our best interest in the "Real World".


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