Toyota Supra v Ford Mustang V8 – Kokani RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

It’s time for another DRAG RACE – this time it’s installing a Ford Mustang GT and a Toyota Supra manufactured by Litchfield! Supra has ….

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  1. Supra was tuned probably on a dyno which means it’s got 440 (wheel)hp compared to the mustangs 450 (crank)hp the sec I heard that I knew that Supra was gonna smoke the stang

  2. Would have taken the Five'O anytime over the Supra. Put a magnaflow catbacks on the Mustang, and the sound is heavenly.

  3. My mom has a Honda Accord turbo goes a hundred and sixty have a great friend who has a Chevy Cruze turbo to goes a hundred and sixty miles per hour both four cylinders such bullshit

  4. Lies and I hate mustang gt but mustang gt should have easily won such bullshit what is next the turbo pinto

  5. The mustang is more powerful and faster on top speed. It just has absolutely no traction. And that’s what’s fun about muscle cars

  6. Incase you didnt know Matt is wearing a BMW cap sitting inside the Supra because the Supra engine comes from the BMW Z4.

  7. Idk why but I find this guy’s videos fake bcz when I listen to the sound of the engine tht sound is like the driver is not doing much efforts to drive the car as fast as it can go like if a car can go 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds I find out tht in carwow’s video tht car is going 0 to 60 in 7-8 seconds


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