Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro vs. Ford Ranger Tremor | Off-Road Truck Comparison

The Tacoma TRD has been a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts for a while now, but with the release of the Ranger Tremor, …

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  1. The Tacoma comes up short on powertrain (minivan cough) and makes it a non-starter for anyone towing a camper, side-by-side, sleds, or boat. It will do it, but will suck at it. Same with 4-Runner.

  2. Nice review! I just got a Tremor and LOVE it…it was a significantly better price. There is an available tuner (actually From Ford) that significantly boost the horsepower and torque. Both are great trucks I think the Ford made more sense for me.

  3. The only reason the Taco will NEVER be better than the Ranger is the fact that if you own a Taco, you have to drive all over with TuRDs all over your vehicle.

  4. Front facing camera: I wish this was more expensive with very little additional utility. I guess I'm old school and use my eyes.

  5. The ranger makes more sense unless you're buying a dedicated off road machine. I went with an fx4 lariat with the sport appearance package. Has all the features minus the fox shocks and tremor badging. Definitely better than an xlt tremor. Or a splash xlt. It's a micro luxury truck. Kind of reminds me of the Chevy cruze if it were a truck. It's tiny, but if you want a truck for hauling look elsewhere

  6. Sure the Toyota is more money but its also worth more at resale if you decide to move on. Also, the toy tax usually comes with more reliability as well. Check consumer reports on toyota as a whole company. I work for an large oil company. I had a new ford truck last year. The first 5000 miles it spent more time in the shop than on site. It's been at the dealership 7 times and has 30000 miles.. The reliability and problem after problem will keep me away from ever owning one for personal use. I don't like visiting the dealer for "warranty" work once per month.

  7. Thanks for the great video. I revere the Toyota's performance off-road. It has excellent approach, departure, and clearance. The concern I had was with the seating arrangement in the Tacomas. Some reviews noted the smaller cabin size and overhead clearance problems with the roof for those over 6'. One guy of about 6'3" had to lean his head. That doesn't look comfortable. The Ranger has plenty of roof clearance for taller drivers – so I got that one. It's a great improvement over my 1993 Ford Ranger. That old model was much smaller with all-manual controls to roll down the window, shift, and adjust seating (very limited). There was no computerized video of the rear. There were no sensors and warnings embedded in the 1993 Ranger like today's models. So, I am overwhelmingly impressed with the modern 2022 Ford Ranger Tremor. The Toyota truck that would likely fit me better is the Tundra Pro because it can accommodate bigger drivers (e.g., former football linemen or linebackers). The problem is that it's awkward to drive bigger trucks in crowded Phoenix. So, I prefer the mid-size models for daily driving. But I took the Tremor up to rural Eastern AZ last week up the mountains. It did great on a very rugged dirt road partially flooded out with many ditches and bumps. It gets muddy with snow up there in elk and bear country of Arizona's higher mountain ranges. That road was built upon an old horseback trail of the 1800s – lol. But the Ranger handled it while listening to the theme song from "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" on the blue-tooth-connected iPad.

  8. I have a jeep gladiator Mohave! Wouldn’t trade it for the world But I will say these are two beautiful trucks!

  9. I prefer the ranger, its better in most categories. Rangers also have historically been great trucks, very sturdy. As are Toyotas but the Ford is just a better truck

  10. I really want the Ranger but that Turbo Boost engine is really iffy to me . Not sure how reliable it will be in the long-term

  11. Just purchased the 21 Ranger Tremor with the Lariat trim in cactus grey. Had it about a week now and it's a blast to drive. Has plenty of power, drives smooth, has a cozy yet also surprisingly roomy interior and yeah, it looks great. Have received many compliments. I have a few niggling complaints but certainly nothing major. One is I wish it had a PNRDS readout beside the shifter as well as the dash. Another is I can't believe Ford didn't include a tailgate damper with the Lariat package. I do love the spray-in bed liner. Very professionally installed with no bubbles or smears and the Ford logo on the rear bulkhead is a nice touch. I'm surprised at how quiet the cab is when going 75 on the interstate. Infotainment unit is very easy to use and has everything you could think of lol. Looking forward to taking it four wheeling over the holidays. All in all I am very pleased with this truck. Great job Ford! (Edit – I meant a lighted PNRDS. Can't see it at night)

  12. i have a 2020 ranger XLT but its the just the Fx4 "1 the bumpers aren't plastic! 2 with the Tacoma having a v6 you would think better towing and load capacity but no was rather disappointed but the ranger vs Tacoma also in mpg my ranger in city is about 18-19mpg but on the highway using cruse control 24-25mpg! so that to me is also important also i love the gauge cluster where you can also see the power distribution and degree of angle your at! which is sometimes handy" hearing about all the new goodies on the new ranger with the tremor package im actually thinking about trading my Fx4 in for the tremor but im also hearing the ranger raptor is possibly coming to the US?

  13. You need to look at the more intense off-road videos to come on versus ranger I’ve done the research I’ve seen all the videos the Ranger is more powerful and doesn’t get bogged down off-road it’s easy to put a 3 inch lift or even a 6 inch lift on the Ranger to make the clearance what I’m saying is the power is there you can do anything to the truck and the Tacoma is behind the times with that old engine I could’ve got up that hill without locking the rear dif


  15. He doesn't know what he's talking about, the bumper front and back on the Ranger are both steel bumpers.

  16. My last Toyota's were a disappointment so over rated , I would definitely try the Ford between the 2 !!!

  17. Been eyeing these up. In my area, comparing xlt tremor package to trd pro package is a $12,000 difference. Fuel economy is better in the Ranger. I really love the Taco, but I will probably end up with the Ranger due to economics


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