TOYOTA YARIS | Toyota Hybrid System (THS II) | Toyota

This video explains Toyota Hybrid System of the new TOYOTA Yaris. #Toyota #ToyotaGlobal #ToyotaYaris Toyota Motor …

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  1. I think a great concern should be applied by Toyota to the relevant issues in Italy: more and more customers are experiencing problems with EGR cooler, and are let down by Totoya Italy saying is a problem due to contaminated fuel. I'm going to sell my Yaris Hybrid purchased in 2021 as soon as I can because I unfortunately do not trust your firm any more. And it makes me really sad

  2. Son al 3° modello YARIS Hybrid ..II , III e ora IV generazione ..posso confermare che questa versione è eccezionale per consumi (faccio 30km/lt) e brillantezza quando occorre. Alti contenuti tecnici. Rilassante la guida con il sempre presente cambio automatico. Design da vera "sportiva" questa volta …Grandissimo lavoro in Toyota !!


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