Traction Contest! Cadillac CTSV Vs Ferrari | Top Gear USA

Subscribe: Cadillac CTSV and Ferrari meet at this California drag race! Welcome to ….

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  1. To be fair the Cadillac IS NOT a cadillac anymore. If it doesn't have a caddy motor it's just another Chevy, if it is small and has a short wheelbase it's just another Chevy, this car says speed not luxury.

  2. How much did Cadillac pay the top gear team for this? The Ferrari would leave the Cadillac standing on a real track

  3. I love that Cadillac I have a none V 2011 CTS4 with 300 hp it is still a very fun car to drive. I am aware my car is now ten years old still drives great.

  4. "Why does GM do that, they get so close to making something perfect, and then go "ooh whatever". exactly what happened to Top Gear USA.

  5. Seems like Cadillac talked to G.M Holden in Australia on how to turn a bland car into a highly desirable car.

  6. Watch the start the Driver of the Ferrari was extremely accommodating and did not engage the Launch Control. Kinda cheating if you ask me.

  7. 4:33 doubtful that it’s the fastest production wagon considering the v10 m5 could do 205mph in sedan configuration so I think it’s more than fair to assume it could do nearly that in wagon form

  8. But sadly Cadillac killed off arguably two of the greatest threats ever to BMW and Mercedes the CTS-V & ATS-V now we've got two underachievers in the new CT4 & CT5 that doesn't even come close! Bad move Cadillac where's your Kahuna's??


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