Trucks Gone Wild – Ford vs Chevy vs Ram vs Toyota Quarter Mile Drag Race – Winner takes All!

It’s On. We Drag race the Ford F-150 vs the New Toyota Tundra vs the GMC Sierra vs the Ram TRX! ( ) …

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  1. In 94 my dad bought a brand new 1/2 ton Dodge standard cab long bed 6 cyl. auto for $7k OTD.

  2. Why you guys never have a Nissan Titan truck in some of these comparisons you rather have a Nissan by itself just curious

  3. Cómo ponen a correr esa camioneta con esas pongan competidores correspondientes corran la TRX VS HENNESSY MOMUTH

  4. Dodge makes truly garbage trucks. The issues with craftsmanship and quality after about one or two years can’t be overlooked. They are really nice when they are brand new but they fall apart fast. Just a mechanics opinion. I drive a Toyota, if I had to drive another it would be a Ford.

  5. Dude in leather was so disgusted with Andre for being Andre when he started pestering him for the times. I really felt dudes pain on that. Andre is a fly that must be swatted

  6. I'm so confused on why the hybrid tundra isn't involved? The spec are almost identical to the hybrid f150..


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