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Rory Reid For The Future Of Faraday FF ​​91 | Advanced Equipment

1050bhp, 0-60mph in 2.39 seconds… with Rory Reid on Faraday Future FF 91. What do you think of Faraday? .

Gear Series Speed ​​Cars 28 | Advanced Equipment

Series 28 saw a fast-paced machine operated by Chris Harris. We had all the VW ID Rs running ….

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Wall Challenge | Advanced Equipment

Chris Harris boldly says “I can move anything” about Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio but can he? Rory Reid has ….

Christian Slater: Police Chase with Top Gear Lap (HQ) | Advanced Equipment

Hollywood actor Christian Slater is scrambling to check out the luxury car, but where will he end up in the director ….

Mini Cooper S in Goodwood | Chris Harris Manages | Advanced Equipment

It is 130bhp and weighs only 600kg, these small Minis are military items. This is what happened when Chris went to war ….

SAVE THE DATE: 2020 Awards | Advanced Equipment

Join us for the 2020 Awards, right here on our YouTube channel, Tuesday December 1 at 7pm GMT. .

Traction Contest! Cadillac CTSV Vs Ferrari | Top Gear USA

Subscribe: Cadillac CTSV and Ferrari meet at this California drag race! Welcome to ….

FEATURES: Chris Harris in Dallara Stradale | Advanced Equipment: Series 27

Chris Harris puts Stradale on his journey by watching this from a recent episode of Top Gear! (UK: BBC Two and BBC ….

Rally Fighter Vs Air Boat | Top Gear USA

Subscribe: A soldier tries to run a ferry across Louisiana’s wetlands. Welcome to ….

Hammond & May fighting in Porsche! | | Advanced Tools

From the 13th series how Richard Hammond and James May run the new Porsche Panamera against the Royal Mail train. .

Preview: ‘Bonkers’ Roads | Nepal Special | Advanced Equipment

“Look at the road … it’s ugly” A special preview of Top Gear Nepal, aired on Sunday 29 December, 9pm, BBC Two Subscribe to ….

EXTRA GEAR Top Gear’s New BTS Show | Advanced Tools | BBC

The new Top Gear series is here on May 29th. And here comes a new show, Extra Gear, which will bring more ….